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Pint Night Recap

My stomach leapt into my chest when we pulled up outside the brewery. After such a good turn out last year, you’d think I wouldn’t be nervous tonight, but I took a deep breath when I stepped down from the jeep. Matt and I walked through the leftover piles of snow on the sidewalk and opened the door to host our second annual pint night at Cape May Brewing Company.

The brewery created a special one-off beer for us for the night. The “Szcz the Day” brew, in all its glory, was a pale orange when it escaped the tap and filled the shot glasses lined up on the bar. Matt, our event planner, the brewery staff and I clanked our glasses together in a cheers for a good night. The beer was sweet as it hit my lips and slid down the back of my throat. Pineapple, nectar, orange and an assortment of other fruits went into the concoction to make it the fruit punch flavored beer we agreed upon. I wasn’t a beer drinking, but “Szcz the Day” was yummy. I took another sip and studied the room.

Betty, our representative from Be the Match was situated in the corner, her stand filled with applications, information and candies for when people came over to swab and test. Matt’s E60 story was streaming on the huge screen above our heads on a continuous loop. Patrons lined the seats at the bar, and the tables in the center of the room started to fill. I started to calm down a little bit.

An hour into the night, the tasting room was filled. I stood at the end of the bar taking it all in, trying to locate Matt. He’d disappeared all night, working the room and thanking everyone for coming. I watched as old friends caught up with each other at tables. It made me smile knowing a good time was being had, but I felt warmer inside knowing those who showed up were willing to help us.

We raised over $800 in a few short hours as people bought draft beers and raffle tickets. They thanked us for trying to make a difference in the community. But it’s them who we want to thank for helping us make that difference.

Thank you to everyone who came out last Friday to help make our night successful. Thank you for your donations, your presence and your constant support. Thank you to the brewery for hosting us yet again and making the night run perfectly. The main event will take place on January 27, 2018, at Congress Hall. If you haven’t bought tickets yet, there’s still time! Go to to purchase, and help us have a fun night and save some lives!

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