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Wildwoods Gear Up For Summer 2013

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy still leaves much destruction and devastation along the Jersey coastline, but that’s not stopping this little island.

Wildwood, NJ, leaves Sandy behind and is busy preparing to officially begin its summer season in the upcoming weeks, attracting tourists from up and down the entire east coast.

And even though the island did get its fair share of damage, locals are gearing up for what they say will be their busiest summer yet.

The Wildwoods have been a popular summer destination for decades, known for its mile-long beaches, breathtaking back bay views, and its signature Doo-Wop style buildings.

Its world famous boardwalk has three piers of attractions, water parks, games, and seafood restaurants.

But what the Wildwoods are most known for is being the family summer resort that keeps vacationers coming back.

So don’t count the Jersey shore out of your summer vacation plans yet.

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