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Coconut Cove

“Welcome to Beach Creek.” “What time’s the barbeque?” “How long did it take you to get through the island?” “Is town crowded?” “Who’s all going out?” “What time are you hitting the beach?” Just some of the few key phrases I either seem to say or hear with the arrival of Memorial Day Weekend and the through the duration of the holiday every year.

This year was no different. I think I either said or heard each phrase around ten times. That’s because every person on the island, local and visitor alike, knows that this weekend is a time to relax. It’s a kick-off to the Wildwoods summer. We’ve got the beach, we’ve got the boardwalk, and we’ve got plenty of outdoor activities in which to engage. We’ve got good food, and we’ve got good shopping. We’ve also got good nightlife. And with this good nightlife, there were a few new phrases escaping from the mouths of not only my friends, but almost every person I came in contact with this weekend, all having to do with one new establishment on the island: Coconut Cove.

“It’s supposed to be open this weekend” was one phrase. “I heard they couldn’t get it done in time” was another. “I heard it’s supposedly sick,” said one friend. “Five bars in that place,” said another, “and think of it, right on the bay.”

It’s true; Coconut Cove was an attraction for which everyone seemed to be waiting, and rumor had it that the grand opening would occur the start of Memorial Day Weekend. But driving passed late Thursday night, seeing the glow from lights emanating up into the dark night sky and hearing the sound of heavy construction from heavy machinery, I didn’t know how that could possibly be. So when Friday rolled around, I found it hard to believe such a thing.

“You missed it last night” was what I heard Saturday morning. And Saturday afternoon when I went into work. “That place is amazing” was another one. “Definitely the new spot” was the last. So Saturday night after I got home from work, I came home to a house filled with friends—around 20 friends of my older brother and five of my own—and we all made our way to Coconut Cove for the night.

I saw the sign glowing as we walked up to the bar. A line flowed from around the corner up to the bouncers checking ID’s at the entrance. We waited for the ten minutes it took for the line to flow forward. And it was worth it.

We walked up the stone path the winded down towards the bay and the front of the bar and turned a corner to be greeted with an open pit, music and plenty of people. We walked down the steps and felt our feet hit the sand. As we took to the side bar and waited for our drinks, my eyes were drawn around the place.

A huge outside area overtook the middle of the Cove, with sand, bars and a dance floor that stretched all the way back. Little table areas decorated the shore by the bay for more intimate encounters. The atmosphere was relaxing. The crowd was calm, walking around barefoot. The lights were low. The music was low, except for the dance music coming from another room off to the right. That was our next stop.

We walked up the steps out of the sand and went towards the room with the music. Another room, with an inside bar, a wooden dance floor, dimmed lights, and a crowd of people waiting in line for the bathroom, waiting for drinks at the bar and waiting for a spot to break it down on the floor.

Our particular group stayed in this room majority of the night. We had a great time. The music was good, the service at the bar was on point and the particular crowd of people there was a nice mix. There were no fights, and there was no drama. We had a relaxing night out with good friends, good conversations and good drinks, all in a beach-like atmosphere. I’d recommend Coconut Cove to any person looking for any of those aspects in a night out in the Wildwoods.

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