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Victoria’s Secret For Men: Show Your Sexy Campaign


Victoria’s Secret For Men: Show Your Sexy

Luxurious, glamorous, fabulous, and sexy are but few of the images and ideas on which the Victoria’s Secret Brand famously prides itself, grandly showcasing its fascinating identity to the world. Known as the most powerful, recognized, sexiest lingerie brand in the world, Victoria’s Secret inspires confidence with fashion, glamour and a touch of fantasy through its assortment of intimate apparel, beauty products, sleepwear, hosiery, and more (

Victoria’s Secret possesses and executes the ability to successfully capture and establish a highly populated and diverse consumer fan base worldwide, with its targeted market focus primarily on women who want to look and feel fabulous and sexy. They establish this fiercely loyal, growing community by promoting, interacting, and maintaining relationships with its dedicated consumer fan base by sharing with them the specialty, quality, and accessibility of its highly desirable products. With over one thousand store locations and millions of dollars in sales, both in-stores, online, and by catalogue, Victoria’s Secret successfully makes a name for itself, its products, and most importantly, those who associate with its brand—its consumer fan base.

But it is not just Victoria’s Secret’s products that shape the brand’s identity to be the powerful force it is today. Not only does Victoria’s Secret offer and sell a vast selection of varying products necessary and desired to make consumers’ lives better, Victoria’s Secret offers and sells, more importantly, a necessary, desiring way of life as well as the ideas and materials to achieve the coveted way to live it—and it is for this reason alone that Victoria’s Secret now extends this relationship, attitude, and desiring way of life through their newly developed Victoria’s Secret Men’s line, calling all men everywhere to “Show Your Sexy.”

Because of Victoria’s Secret’s widespread success with targeting, marketing, and focusing primarily women, having a 38% market share, a market cap of more than 14 billion dollars, and bringing in 987 million dollars in sales for the last quarter alone (, Victoria’s Secret now branches out to include this widespread success in the men’s department. And Victoria’s Secret’s timing could not be any more precise.

Although Victoria’s Secret is not the first company to branch out and extend the invitation to accommodate men, Victoria’s Secret knows this is the perfect time to take a firm grasp of control on the male grooming market. According to a new report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., the global men’s grooming market is expected to exceed 33 billion dollars by 2015 (

Currently, in the United States alone, the male personal care sector makes up just over a quarter of the market value, equaling around 11 billion dollars out of the total market value of 38.7 billion dollars ( With this current, established following within the market paired with future expectations of male grooming market growth, Victoria’s Secret capitalizes on the opportunity to potentially become the number one supplier for male grooming products in the future.

In its current condition, researchers say the male grooming market is expanding, but not as far as projected ( Top companies such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Jockey, Ralph Lauren, Nautica, and Hanes have already established successful lines for men, ranging in varieties of products from cologne, underwear, sleepwear, and t-shirts. Although these companies do establish respective followings in terms of male cliental, these followings are not enough to dominate the male market entirely, and ultimately not enough to clearly identify one company over another in leading the market.

In fact, these brands are increasingly plummeting, struggling to find ways to successfully engage with the male audience. This leads researchers to believe that in order to take full advantage of the potential growth of the market, companies need to find new ways of engaging with the male grooming spectrum through marketing (

Recent studies show potential growth in the market being primarily driven by a rapid rise of metrosexual men, innovative appealing products, growing middle class population, increased Internet activity, and universality of prestige across the world. The men’s grooming market expands significantly from the traditional shaving products and deodorants to other categories such as skin care, hair care, and bath products ( Because these reasons are as to why the market is expected to grow in the future, this indicates a current need and demand for these products in the market in the present.

Victoria’s Secret For Men will extend beyond current male grooming market limitations. Not only will the line include underwear, sleepwear, t-shirts, cologne, and deodorant, Victoria’s Secret For Men will also include additional lines of clothing, including sportswear, casual wear, business attire, swimwear, and more. Victoria’s Secret For Men will also include an entire line exclusively dedicated to ties. In addition to cologne and deodorant, Victoria’s Secret For Men will fulfill the current market need and debut its skincare line, including 27 different products, as well as bathing and moisturizing products.

But not only will Victoria’s Secret For Men fulfill the current and future demands of the market, Victoria’s Secret For Men will fulfill the current and future demands of the market in a more appealing, attention grabbing way than competitors of its nature do now, captivating the male audience in different ways than before, with Victoria’s Secret For Men’s new advertising campaign “Show Your Sexy.”

Since Victoria’s Secret focuses on calling all women out there to be sexy, confident, glamorous, and luxurious, Victoria’s Secret For Men will provide the same qualities for men. But unlike its competitors, Victoria’s Secret For Men will target all different demographics of men, instead of solely focusing on the ultra-sporty, perfectly photo shopped model men on which huge companies already having male grooming market audiences establish their focuses. Victoria’s Secret For Men will target all kinds of men—confident men, metrosexual men, burly men, husky men, metrosexual men, homosexual men—and most importantly, normal, every day, average men. Since Victoria’s Secret is dominatingly successful in the women’s grooming market in terms of effectively targeting the right age range of women, Victoria’s Secret For Men will also target the same age range, calling all men from ages 18-49 to “Show Your Sexy.”

Like many of its competitors, Victoria’s Secret For Men will first strategize its advertising campaign by assigning a face to the brand in order to create brand image, brand association, and brand promotion. Although competing companies also use celebrities and well-known personalities to endorse their brands, Victoria’s Secret For Men will use not only one celebrity, but four celebrities to form a group of men who then form the identity of the brand, following the successful footsteps of the beloved VS Angels who form the identity of the women’s brand. By incorporating many well-known personalities as opposed to one, Victoria’s Secret For Men will bring in larger audiences by incorporating each fan-base from each individual well-known personality and combining those fan bases to ultimately form one conclusive Victoria’s Secret For Men fan base.

Victoria’s Secret For Men carefully picks and pulls these personalities based on audience demographics and likeability. To attract the young, hip, cool demographic, VS Men will firmly establish actor Channing Tatum as one of the members of the VS Men team. Actor Joe Magliano is also one of the precisely chosen men, attracting the early 30’s demographic and creating a pleasing image and appeal to a slightly older, more established, more relaxed demographic. For attracting the older demographic, actor Matthew McConaughey shows men everywhere that sexiness can be accomplished at any age. And lastly, NBA sensation Derrick Rose is carefully selected to attract the athletic audience to the brand.

Also differing from its celebrity endorsing competition, Victoria’s Secret For Men will not only have these men in all of its ads, Victoria’s Secret For Men will have each one of these men involved in the brand beyond shooting commercials and posing for pictures. Much like Victoria’s Secret for women, Victoria’s Secret For Men will have an all access location for everything VS Men—from interviews, photo shoots, commercial shoots, red carpet affairs, back stage footage, events, fashion shows, and more, the VS Men will be active members of the brand, for the brand, by the brand, with the brand, representing the brand. The VS Men will be more than models for the brand—they will be the brand.

The VS Men will form this solid identity through Victoria’s Secret For Men’s second advertising strategy—the social media platform. Not only will Victoria’s Secret For Men have its own Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest pages, each member of the VS Men will also create his own page solely for the VS Men Collection. The VS Men will actively participate in discussion, post updates, reply to fans, connect and share with fans, as well as update fans on latest sales, deals, and products, following behind the communities of fans and social media users on the Victoria’s Secret For Men social media pages.

Aside from the VS Men interacting and connecting on social media, Victoria’s Secret For Men will also run its own Facebook Contest called “Show Your Sexy.” “Show Your Sexy” requires Facebook fans to send in pictures of themselves simply showing your sexy. The Facebook contest will run two months, leading up to the telecasted VS Men Fashion Show, where VS Men will then pick a winner to walk in the show, score a photo shoot with the rest of the VS Men, and get thousands of dollars worth of free VS Men gear.

Victoria’s Secret For Men will launch its fourth strategic advertising plan through the use of television broadcast. Victoria’s Secret For Men commercials will be televised regularly, and even more so during specific holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. In addition to holidays, Victoria’s Secret For Men will also televise commercials during Super Bowl Sunday, as well as air an entirely separate telecasted fashion show a part from the VS Angels. This fashion show will model new looks for the new seasons, as well as invite the biggest names in music to perform, also including a full celebrity guest list. And with the VS Angels fashion show raking in 9.3 million viewers (, the men’s line is expected to bring in the same numbers in terms of viewers.

Victoria’s Secret For Men will also advertise through the effective use of print ads in magazines and also on billboards and other outdoor and indoor posters. The brand will place these ad images in top selling magazines as well as overpopulated public places for the most beneficial exposure for the brand and its products.

In addition to print ads, Victoria’s Secret For Men will also successfully advertise through its catalogue, following behind the women’s catalogue reaching 300 million customers a year and generating over $1,500 in revenue ( By incorporating a brand catalogue, Victoria’s Secret For Men will make its products available to consumers 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Victoria’s Secret For Men will always be open, never making consumers wait to purchase.

And Victoria’s Secret For Men will maintain the brand’s present glamorous social status by advertising efficiently and effectively, with its next branch of its advertising campaign consisting of free giveaways. Allowing for this kind of coupon, free advertising, typically consisting of a free panty with any 30-dollar purchase, a free brief with any brief purchase, or simply free shipping or money off an item, increases the volume of consumers using and purchasing products, either by increased traffic in-stores or online. By Victoria’s Secret offering incentives for consumer spending, consumers feel valued by the brand by seeing these deals and feeling better about spending, since they are receiving a free item along with their purchase—and nothing is better than free.

Victoria’s Secret For Men will start fine-tuning this advertising strategy as soon as possible, so as to have the best possible chance to capitalize on the potential growth of the market. Starting March 2014, The VS Men advertising team will assign roles and responsibilities to its campaign team, gathering any and all quantitative and qualitative research with focus groups of men ages 18-49, as well as organize a set budget for the advertising campaign.

By May 2014, The Victoria’s Secret Men’s advertising team will accomplish the media buying for print, television, and digital mediums, and the VS Men collection will be successfully established in every Victoria’s Secret location across the United States. During this time, print ads will be properly placed and displayed, television commercials will run, and every social media platform VS Men’s page will be created and established with respective audience capacities. By June 2014, the VS Men “Show Your Sexy” Facebook Contest will run for precisely two months, leading up to the VS Men Fashion Show in the fall of 2015. This fashion show will be the first, official grand launch of the line, with Victoria’s Secret For Men exploding on the male grooming market soon thereafter.

Keeping in mind all aspects of the Victoria’s Secret For Men’s “Show Your Sexy” Advertising Campaign and how these aspects work and how they are portrayed to the public, with positive public feedback, the strategy for Victoria’s Secret’s For Men’s advertising campaign is to simply make men feel confident and sexy about themselves through using the various VS Men products and adapting the VS Men attitude and way of living. Victoria’s Secret For Men encourages men to feel confident, luxurious, glamorous and desired. They want men to realize that it’s okay for them to splurge and indulge on the small, guilty pleasures in their everyday lives—even something as small as a pair of briefs—for the sake of improving confidence. Victoria’s Secret For Men knows that men’s feeling good about themselves starts a positive chain reaction for them, determining their moods for the rest of the course of their days, giving way as to why Victoria’s Secret For Men will undertake this strategy for advertising its brand.

Victoria’s Secret For Men does not just sell an appealing product. It sells a certain way of life and a specific attitude. It sells personal experiences. It does not take much for most men to be happy, especially if men feel they look the part. It is on providing that fantasy escape and feel-good quality that Victoria’s Secret For Men establishes its mission and potential ongoing success. Therefore, Victoria’s Secret For Men will use both the hard sell and soft sell approach of advertising. Not only will it give consumers reasons as to why they absolutely cannot live without a VS Men product, Victoria’s Secret For Men will back up its list of reasons by adding all the extras, for example, the backstage interviews. Victoria’s Secret For Men will use images and visuals to further appeal to consumer emotions and heartstrings, making consumers feel as if they have a relationship with the brand.

In terms of a encompassing a successful product and a successful brand image, Victoria’s Secret For Men will establish a firm identity. The Victoria’s Secret For Men will excel beyond creating a desirable, high-quality, positive product. Furthermore, Victoria’s Secret For Men will manage to sell a desirable, high-quality, positive attitude and lifestyle. It is the selling of this lifestyle that will increase the sales of VS Men products. Men buy because they want to feel confident, they want to feel sexy, they want to feel comfortable, and they want to feel luxurious.

Of course, the products that Victoria’s Secret For Men promotes are purely physical matters. But it is because Victoria’s Secret For Men will successfully push and promote its attitude through its cleverly designed advertising campaign that consumers subliminally associate the products with this attitude. They are more inclined to buy its products in order to strive closer to reaching the confidence. Consumers will feel such a strong connection with Victoria’s Secret For Men that they will forget, however, that they are being sold on products. Consumers will only see the image Victoria’s Secret For Men represents. And that, in large part, will be on account of Victoria’s Secret’s For Men’s successful advertising campaign “Show Your Sexy.


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