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The Relentless Pursuit

He can hear the wailing of the horn again, but he can’t seem to tell if he’s awake or asleep, stuck somewhere between his dreams and reality. The constant blaring in the distance finally startles him awake. He rubs his bloodshot eyes and lifts his head from his crossed arms where it rested moments before …

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You’re Still Worth It

The warm breeze crept through the ajar glass door off the balcony and filled the apartment with sweet, salty air. Outside, dusk was falling quickly upon the water, casting soft shades of burnt oranges and pinks on the ocean’s surface. Purple waves rippled gently against the bright colors, even though the sun was setting in …

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The Picture Show

“I want to show you something,” he says to me. We’re sitting in the kitchen of his oceanfront apartment on the 20th floor of the Oceans Three Complex—me, propped up on the counter and he leaning against the opposite side, waiting for the microwave to stop running. “I’ve been waiting to show you the whole …

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